My first job with Projekttriangle was a stationery redesign for munich-based photo agency Avenger Photographers. Avenger was perfectly satisfied with its old stationery which was made by Projekttriangle, too. But when a removal necessitated changes they wanted to keep up with the time and asked for a redesign.
We decided to keep most of the design elements and change only the materials and the colors, which went out of fashion. Instead of cupreous prints on peach-coloured paper I chose a radical black-and-white solution with black ink and overprint varnish on fashionable white paper with low opacity or a massive and solid-coloured, black paperboard.

Projekttriangle Design Studio

Avenger Photographers

Creative Director
Martin Grothmaak, Projekttriangle

backside letter paper
01 backside letter paper
backside invoice paper
02 backside invoice paper
compliment slip
03 compliment slip
additional paper
04 additional paper
invoice paper
05 invoice paper
letter paper
06 letter paper