When the international fashion group Hugo Boss AG asked Projekttriangle to design all the mailings for the company Hugo Boss and its labels Hugo Boss, Boss Black, Boss Selection, Boss Orange and Hugo, PT hired me as a freelancer to realise their already existing concept.
The whole sets contained different birthday, thank you and presale cards, premium and standard invitations. I made some layouts as well as the entire artwork, searched and chose the different materials. Besides various special papers we used foil, textile, even wood, different print and surface finishings.

Projekttriangle Design Studio

Hugo Boss AG

Project Collaborator
Franz-Georg Stämmele

Creative Director
Jürgen Späth, Projekttriangle

boss black / standard invitation
01 boss black / standard invitation
boss black / thank you
02 boss black / thank you
boss black / birthday
03 boss black / birthday
hugo boss / birthday
04 hugo boss / birthday
hugo boss / thank you
05 hugo boss / thank you
hugo boss / standard invitation
06 hugo boss / standard invitation